This is an example of a text section. It can easily be formatted in several ways. You can have your text section full width or you can split it into up to 4 columns. This is an example of a 2 column split. You can use the other half for text as well. Or you can insert a picture just like we have here. You can also link to other pages, like our shop. Pretty much all the usual stuff.



    This Ecalypse Voyager Wordpress theme is designed to provide a complete set of design options without the need to edit any code. You still can edit code, if you like, but if you are not tech savvy, the inbuilt editor will let you do pretty much anything.

    The Homepage here includes examples of most of the combinations of elements that you can put on this page.

    Just below this text, you can see an example of preformatted product row. You can insert is as many times as you like, change the text color, text itself or the picture of course.

    Most popular products

    Our services

    Services elements

    You can use preset icons for these elements like like the one you see above this paragraph. As in any other section and element, you can also modify the color of the text, the headline and you can also choose the column layout of the section. Align left, right or center.

    Our Cars

    Car in Background

    You can also change the car you see in the background of course. You can even plaster color over it and set transparency to give it that special look. You can see that effect later down on this page. It looks stunning we think, don't you?

    Our Locations

    Parallax effect

    The effect of the background you see in this section is called parallax (How the car moves slower than the text and it looks like perspective). You can set it up for any section of this homepage, so you can have as many parallaxes as you want.


    2/3 example 2

    I'm just using this section element to display the 2/3 column scenario. You have all the other options available as well: you can set it up to full width, 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4.

    2/3 Section example 1

    You can also split any chunk of text into a 2/3 column layout just in case you wanted to. I will now fill the rest of the text with jibberish so that you can see what the Voyager rental theme can do and what it looks like in real life.



    This Newsletter section

    So, some people already know that it is really useful to collect client emails and then somehow work with it. The form on the left was created using a free plugin that automatically connects to your Mailchimp (mailservice) account and it took 1 minute to set up using plugin's short code. This text is just another text element that you can create, delete, copy, or do anything else that you like with it.

    Ecalypse integration

    The main advantage of this Wordpress theme is that it integrates seamlessly with Ecalypse rental plugin which is built specifically for vehicle rental systems like cars, motorbikes, RVs, jet skis, boats, etc. With a ton of cool features, it is arguably most advanced and user friendly plugin on the market today.

    What is a section

    Think of a section as a slide. It is easily recognized by a shared background. So this section is all where you see that Audi picture. It is behind the blue newsletter part and then behind this text. Before that, there is another section. Section is filled with rows and elements.

    Rows and Elements

    Row is just a canvas on which you paint elements. You can define a background for a row-> like you see the blue one in the Newsletter row above. Then, you insert elements into row, just like this text. So the hierarchy is Section -> Row -> Element. So, the logic is: create an element first, than a Row and finally a Section that you fill with them.